Building Rentals

Our facility is available for rent and is perfect for all of your party or reception needs. Please contact us and leave a message with your name, phone number, email, and what date you are looking to rent. You will be contacted within a couple of business days. A tour of the building can be arranged if you would like to see the facilities.

Miscellaneous Expenses

Insurance: $1,000,000.00 liability insurance is required for day of rental. Rates range depending on your insurance agent. Google seach “Special Event Insurance” and shop around for the different providers. There are some reasonable rates. This applies to all types of rentals.

Security: One security guard is required per every 50 guest. We do not provide security services but can make suggestions. Required when alcohol (beer or spirits) will be present at the event.
Contact Us for more details.

Deposit. You must pay the deposit to reserve. First come first serve.

Mailing Address:
647 W Bush St, Lemoore, CA 93245
Telephone Number
(559) 924-5032